Scoot to School Week

National Scoot to School Week got off to a scooting good start in Co Sligo.  Pupils from Coolbock NS started off the weeklong scooter celebration by holding a Scoot Safely Session at school on Monday 9th March.


Green-Schools Education Officer Imelda Ryan-Jones joined the children.  “I was so impressed with all the children’s enthusiasm, most arrived at School with their scooters.  Many had Flickers, a scooter with two separate decks for each foot, and what fun they had.  The exercise the children get on flickers, as they wiggle their bodies to generate the movement, is fabulously funky. With the typical one deck scooter children also had lots of fun seeing how far they could go with one push and glide.  It’s definitely a great way to travel.”


Families all over Ireland are encouraged, as part of their Green-Schools Travel theme, to remind themselves of the benefits of scooting.  It is a fun, fast and, certainly in the case of the flickers, a funky way to travel.  By leaving the car at home more often and incorporating active travel into daily journeys, families are helping society reap associated benefits.


Coolbock pupils were reminding themselves of previous learning in relation to walking and cycling and transferring this knowledge to scooting; wearing helmet correctly, wearing bright and high vis gear when using roads, ensuring their scooters are roadworthy, being extra vigilent when passing driveways/entrances and respecting pedestrians by ensuring they don’t accidently scoot into them at corners/bends in the paths.


“We at Coolbock NS are very proud to be a Green-School” said Principal Daragh McDaid “and do our best to transfer learning from the Green-Schools programme into our daily lives.  There is a long tradition of respecting our environment here at Coolbock NS, which benefits our pupils enormously, both now and as they journey through life.  They are so excited about scooting now, thanks so much Green-Schools, they were back on their scooters as soon as break time came, having lots of fun.”


Pupils plan to have their scooters at school all week, to build up their scooting skills during break times with the intention of using their scooter for more of their journeys into the future.