Meet The Spuds

In 2008, we did a project called Meet The Spuds. The project was sponsored by Agri Aware. Agri Aware sent a bag of compost and two colleen seed potatoes to every school in Ireland. We had to grow the potato plants and make a folder all about the project and how we did it. We planted the potatoes in growing bags. It was very interesting to watch them grow. Everybody in the classroom did at least one page in the folder. After a few weeks the potatoes started to grow. We looked at the potatoes everyday at lunch time. When the potatoes were fully grown, we had to dig them. We filmed the digging of the potatoes and put it on a disc. When we were finished the folder we sent it to Agri Aware. We got a phone call from Agri Aware, they told us that we were invited to The Botanic Gardens in Dublin. We were delighted! We went to Dublin in late June. We were brought around the Gardens. Every school that was invited to Dublin, had to do  a display of what they did. We played  the tinwhistle. After every school displayed their work they told us That we Won! 

We were so happy. 

We really enjoyed Doing Meet The Spuds.

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