The Lamb

Camilla, a parent of a pupil in 2nd class brought a new-born, black lamb in to show the school. Everybody loved the lamb and was petting him.

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Erin’s Lamb

Last night I helped my Dad lamb a sheep. She was a one year old sheep,a hogget.This was her first lamb. The lamb was twisted up in a ball inside the sheep so Dad had to get help to deliver the lamb. There was very little life in the lamb when he was born so we had to sling him over a gate to let the fluids run out of his mouth and his nose so that he would not smother. We then put the lamb back into the pen with it’s mother so that she would take up with him. After about a half an hour the lamb started to get up and soon after, and it  began to take milk from it’s mother. Thank God we saved the lamb and he is well. My Dad said, “you wouldn’t see better on television”.  We hope the lamb will grow big and strong.

By: Erin

Michael And The Lambs.

Michael brought in 2 black lambs , 1 white lamb and a ewe. He explained about the lambs and how long they were born. It was really interesting. They were really cute! Heres some pictures of the lambs and the ewe.