New York PS158

We are doing a link with a school in New York called P.S.158.The link was started fifteen years ago. They have about 5-600 pupils in their school and about five floors in it. Their old secretary’s husband was a firefighter who died in the Twin Towers attack. They wrote a poem about him and asked us to finish it. We wrote one verse and emailed it to their teacher and they liked it. The pupils from the senior classes of Coolbock and P.S.158 write pen-pal letters to each other. We enjoy writing to the students in New York.

American Teacher

Ms Doris Meyer is our link with P.S.158. Ms Meyer doesn’t have any irish relations but she is very interested in the Irish heritage and culture. She has attended the Yeats International Summer School in Sligo and has visited Coolbock National School. Mr. Enright has also visited P.S.158 in New York. Ms Meyer has for the past few years been President of The New York American-Irish Teachers Association.


Yellow fireflies,

That flicker and flash,

scurrying cabs

madly dash

from corner to corner


they circle the city

to earn their fare.