The Junior Infant Mathematics Curriculum is divided into various strands.

The Strands include;

  • Early mathematical activities
  • Number
  • Algebra
  • Shape and space
  • Measures and Data

Early Mathematical Activities are categorised as follows;

  • Classifying
  • Matching
  • Comparing
  • Ordering

Maths Language

It is important that children see mathematics as relevant to their own lives.

Maths language is needed for everyday live for example by using the vocabulary; first, last, taller than, or the same as you are helping your child to use maths language!

How can you do this?

Find ways to link maths into everyday situations


There are many opportunities for your child to count everyday:

  • The number of cars they see on the way to school
  • Two cups on the table! How many more do I need if 5 people are having tea?


  • Colour: red objects in the toy box
  • Texture: rough / smooth/ hard/ soft
  • Function: cutlery tray (sorting knives forks and spoons)


  • Matching pairs of socks, shoes, or teddies

Sorting and Matching Household Objects

  • Size:   big plates / small plates
  • Shape:   round objects in the kitchen