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We hope through our website to keep you up to date with our latest news and upcoming events. We hope to make the website interactive for all members of our school community, pupils and parents, both past and present. We have a great sense of pride in our school and we hope you enjoy navigating through our pages and finding out all about our school.


 Our School

Coolbock N.S. is a 27 pupil 2 teacher school set in rural Co. Sligo. The school is situated near the village of Riverstown, on the eastern slope of Coolbock Hill. Riverstown is situated 12 miles south east of Sligo. The Coolbock area is known for its natural beauty and the school has spectacular views of the surrounding countryside.

The school was recently renovated and our modern facilities include two classrooms and a support room, playground, basketball court, football pitch, school garden and play area. Our school is equipped with a range of modern resources including interactive whiteboards in each classroom and a suite of computer netbooks. The school has a catholic ethos, but we welcome pupils from all or no religious background. We provide a wide variety of experiences for our pupils and have a range of modern facilities in a rural school community environment. Our school staff provide a positive school climate which is enhanced by our very supportive board of management and parents’ association.

  • CO-OPERATIVE GAMES FOR PE - Our Senior pupils enjoying some co-operative games during PE. Games are a valuable means of helping children to work together in a caring and co-operative way. They can raise the level of co-operative consciousness and help children to realise what they can learn from each other. Games include all children and they give children the […]
  • BIRDWATCH COOLBOCK - We have been making great use of our new nature trail camera that was installed by our Parents Association. We set it to record the activity at our bird feeders. The still camera works on a motion sensor and picks up any activity day or night! The children get a chance to check it every […]
  • Recycling Workshop - You are invited to join us at Coolbock N.S for the Parent Association’s Love Your Environment Recycling Event in our school on Monday 19th February at 7pm. Recycling Ambassador Imelda Ryan-Jones will deliver an interactive workshop on recycling. Children are welcome to attend with you, as this event supports our Green-Schools programme. We look forward […]
  • A Winter Wonderland…in Spring! -
  • Cool Hairdos Coolbock! - We had a great time at ‘Cool Hairdos Coolbock’ this past while. It was a very busy place! The children took turns being stylists and customers and there was a great array of hairstyles to be seen. We had a table where the children brushed, combed, plaited, curled and designed great hairstyles on our willing […]
  • Buddy Reading - We just kicked off our “Buddy Reading” initiative in the school. The senior pupils are paired up with the junior pupils, giving them a chance to read aloud to each other. Pairing older and younger pupils together has many proven benefits including improving reading fluency, listening skills, self-confidence but most importantly it’s lots of FUN!
  • Happy St. Brigid’s Day - Happy St. Brigid’s Day! We were celebrating our patron saint by making lovely St. Brigid’s crosses to mark the occasion.
  • Aistear: Houses - The junior room just completed the Aistear theme of “Houses”. The Aistear programme is focused on learning and developing through interactions and play using a station and team teaching approach. Other themes covered so far have been the airport, farming, post office, pet shop and shopping. It provides so many opportunities for learning including turn-taking, […]
  • Having fun learning is “Snow” joke! - Who needs a pencil and paper when you can do your work in the snow! The seniors getting in some work on the times tables in maths and the juniors working on their letter formations in handwriting, as well as making the most of the beautiful day in Coolbock!
  • ‘Exploring Biodiversity through Art’ Workshop - Great teamwork and co-operation between the pupils for day 2 of our ‘Exploring Biodiversity through Art’ Workshop with Karen Webster. We are so lucky to have such a beautiful outdoor space with so many interactive learning opportunities!